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Triple Zinger – was my first book and is set in 1967 during the height of the Cold War. I was a Peace Corp Volunteer (1997 to 1999) in the former Soviet Union country of Latvia. I wanted my readers to know what it was like to live in the former Soviet Union. Things I wrote – either happened to me or the people told me about.
Ever since Connie O’Rourke was in grade school, all she ever wanted to be was a secret agent for the CiA. But, this is 1965 and the only jobs open to women are teacher, nurse or secretary. So, with her degree in International Studies and a GPA of 3.75, she takes the job of secretary to the Head of the Russian Desk at the CIA.
With his Agricultural degree in hand, David Levi is on a bus traveling home. All he ever wanted to be was a farmer on the kibbutz in Israel where he was born and his parents and sister lived. Twenty minutes away from the kibbutz he learns it was attacked and everyone was killed. He joins the Mossad.
Nicholas Grigorovich stumbles on an old letter written to Joseph Stalin. In it his step-father lays out plans to have his real father murdered. To seek his revenge, Nicholas becomes a spy for the Americans hoping what he is doing points not to him but to his step-father.
Ultimately, the paths of these three people intertwine in the world of intrigue. 
~ : ~
My Mother Rebels – is about two senior citizen ladies who get angry with their adult children and take off for Europe. While there, they are mistaken for Russian arms dealers and end up carrying around a million dollars in diamonds. The bad guys and the good guys are after them, but keep missing them. The women have no idea people are chasing them as they enjoy Europe.
~ : ~
Without Room Service – is about three retired women who go camping in Western Montana. While there, they discover the Vice President of the United States has been kidnapped. What should they do???? Call for help – but who should they call? Try to rescue the VP???? But they’re just three old ladies.

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