jackie-granger-photoI have never been lucky in games of chance, like dice or cards or the slots at the casinos. But boy, have I led an eclectic life. I got married and had four children….in less than five years! Yeah, think about it. Worst part was I had three teenagers for years. When the oldest moved on, the youngest came on board, and I still had three teenagers. During those hectic growing up years I was a Brownie Leader, a lunchroom mother and a baseball coach.
When all my children were in school, I finally had time to myself. I went back to college as a returning adult and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Then I sat for and passed the C.P.A. exam. When I was 54 years old, the bank I worked at downsized – one of the people in the Corporate Tax Department let go was me. I thought – I refuse to look at this as a negative. Now what doors have just opened up? My children were in their mid to late twenties. I was no longer married. And I thought: Holy cow! I can go anywhere in the world! But, I was too chicken to go somewhere on my own, so I joined the Peace Corps, and for two years I lived in the former Soviet Union country of Latvia as a Business Consultant. When I came back I worked in the Corporate Tax Department of a large financial institution and retired as a Vice President.
I have visited 21 countries around the world. Nineteen of those countries came after I was 54 years old. And now here I am in retirement and I have a new career – Author. How about that?
Books that I like to read: I like books that have a good story line. I favor books with intrigue and mystery, but not the ones with graphic blood and guts, or serial killers, or zombies. Peppered in between those are a mix of biographies and general fiction. Again, I love good stories.
Some of my favorite authors are:   
1.) Frederick Forsyth – his writing is so nice and tight. His stories are real page turners for me.
2.) Lawrence Sanders – Be sure to keep the dictionary handy, his vocabulary is massive.
3.) Alexander McCall Smith – The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. I like this book, because the author makes the reader fall in love with Botswana.
4.) Robert Parker – Mystery and humor.
Jackie Granger


    1. Thanks for your comment about my Life History.

      My Blog is on Google only. Just type in jackiegranger.wordpress.com and voila!


  1. Hi, Jackie! Congratulations on your blog; I think you’ll find it rewarding. Mine (www.jimjustsaying.com) is in its 8th year, and one of the facets of it that I really like is the StatCounter software that I use. It’s only $9 a month and it tells you everything except the name of the visitor–the IP address, the city (or country), the IPS provider, and even down to the screen resolution and device that was used. But most important,in most cases it tells you how many pages were viewed and which ones. I had a visitor from Algeria the other day, so my country total is now up to 53! A lot of visitors from China and Italy lately. You’ll see a lot of “bot” traffic, but no one seems immune to that, alas.

    Best of luck with your new venture!


    1. Jim – it will be a while before I start getting “international” hits on my Blog, but thanks for the info.
      Best to you.


  2. You know, Jim, I think many, many people in our high school class have done amazing things and have stories to tell. You and I were a part of quite a class. Thanks


  3. Hi Jackie! Congratulations on your new adventure. Keep us swimming in your wake and we will go great places with you. Thanks for sharing your favorite authors but I have added one more to the list – you!


    1. Cheri – Thanks for your visit to my Blog. Life is sure full of surprises for us. P.S. I know you go by the name Cheri, but you will always be Cheryl to me.


  4. Hey Jackie…this blog is amazing as is your life to date. I hope to catch up with you this summer. I also LOVE the #1Ladies Detective Agency series and have read them all and Robert Parker is also a favorite..and YOU are a favorite. Loved your books. Stay full of adventure girl!


  5. Hi Jackie, You are an amazing lady and so many of your ‘adventures’ are after the family is all grown. I would also add, a favorite author of mine which falls into the category of having a good story line, is Ken Follett. Great historical fiction. Look forward to checking out your blog often.


  6. Bravo Jackie on your newest book! I enjoyed “Without Room Service” even more than your previous ones. I got caught up in the excitement, adventure, and intrigue. Janice, Emily, and Peggy are role models for getting the most out life. Thank you for bringing them to “life”.


    1. Thank you for the kind words. It was nice to see you last week. You will note: we still look like we did in high school.


      1. Yes we do! It was great to see you Jackie. I think we could end a visit mid-sentence and pick up right where we left off the next time we get together.


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